Sasin Alumni Website

With currently over 4,500 members, Sasin alumni needs area to connect with other Sasin community to enhance their networking.

The Sasin Alumni Website, in collaboration between the Sasin Institute (Sasin-AE) and Sasin Alumni Association (SAA), will be a communication arena to all Sasin alumni and their community to exchange their businesses their interests and their contacts. SAA takes responsibility/lead on Club and Committee and Marketplace under Get Connected sections. Sasin supports other sections.

Now, get to know Sasin-AE and SAA people. Who’s who working in these two organizations involving Sasin alumni.

Sasin Alumni Engagement Office

Being Sasin alumni, you have many opportunities to connect with fellow alumni, engage with Sasin faculty, administrators and staff, and contribute to the Sasin community. Alumni activities may cover a wide range of interests and formats, but each activity offers the opportunity to build and strengthen the bonds between Sasin Community members as well as to maintain linkages with the institute. The Sasin Alumni Engagement Office plays role to facilitate all these educational and networking activities

  1. To promote relationship between Sasin and Sasin alumni
  2. To support unity among Sasin alumni
  3. To promote the reputation of Sasin and its alumni who have performed functions beneficial to society
  4. To promote education and the dissemination of know-how on a life long learning basis
  5. To promote athletic and social events
  6. To raise some fund to support Sasin
  7. To provide career services to graduates and alumni
  • Alumni Activities
  • Database
  • Communication Channels
  • Publications
  • Alumni Survey
  • Activities/Services
  • Fund Raising Project
  • Career Services
  • SAA Supporting Office


Alumni Engagement Office at Tel. 02-218-3878, 02-218-4035


Sasin Alumni Association

Sasin alumni share common experiences, mutual friendships and great pride in their achievements and in those of their school. The Sasin Alumni Association strives to cultivate professional networks and to support continuous learning while enhancing the Sasin reputation through alumni services and activities.

  • to support Sasin via alumni networking,
  • to enhance Sasin branding via bonding
  • to strengthen and enhance the alumni network
  • to provide expert career counseling services in collaboration with Sasin’s Career Services Center
  • to work with Sasin to provide updated management knowledge and tools via seminars
  • to promote unity and support among its members,
  • to promote the Institute, and members who have benefited society,
  • to promote education and the dissemination of technical knowledge,
  • to promote athletic and social events,
  • to benefit the general public.


Sasin Alumni Association (Office) at Tel. 02-218-4014, 094-342-0099