Alumni Database & Business Showcase Instruction and Policy

This electronic directory contains contact and business information of Sasin alumni to be used to facilitate their communication.   It is also open to executives, faculty, students and staff at Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University. Please note that information obtained here is not guaranteed to be accurate.  Fields containing information such as e-mail addresses, Web page URLs, and telephone numbers are user-editable and may not accurately reflect alumni data supplied by the Alumni Relations Office.


  1. Sasin Alumni database and business showcase are not open to the public, all information are under password-protected. Only Sasin community including executives, faculty, alumni and students can see this electronic directory.
  2. This information should be used with care. It is prohibited to transmit the information to outside parties, unless authorized to do so.
  3. The use of Sasin Alumni database and Business Showcase should not be used for fundraising, political activities or contain content that defames or threatens others or statements that are bigoted hateful or racially by offensive.
  4. When sending email to groups of recipient, you are requested to send emails in BCC:
  5. Make sure that you reply email only to the person who needs to be informed
  6. For Business Showcase, each alumnus will be allowed to post up to 3 businesses.
  7. Business Showcase will relate to your alumni profile, you are required to be the owner or the partner of the company (s) or business (es) that you posted.

Alumni Information

The following is list of your profile data which may be shown to other Sasin community members when the search menu is functioned in Directory section.  There are some fields (marked with*) that you are enable to choose as to be shown (public) or not be shown (private) at ‘edit profile’ section.

  1. Firstname, Lastname
  2. Program (Class, Year)
  3. Nationality
  4. Mobile number* (display only in the same class)
  5. LINE ID*
  6. Email*
  7. Position
  8. Company
  9. Business Industry
  10. Business Sector