Annual General Meeting and SAA President & Deputy President Election 2018

Dear members of Sasin Alumni Association:

Sasin Alumni Association (SAA) would like to invite all alumni to the Annual General Meeting and the election for the next SAA President and Deputy President on Tuesday April 3rd, 2018 at Dipak C. Jain Hall, Sasa International House.

18:00-18:30      Registration/Cocktail Reception

18:30-20:00     AGM 2018

The meeting agenda is as follows:

  1. Approval of Minute of AGM 2017
  2. Report on SAA Activities 2017
  3. Report & Approval of SAA Financial Report 2017
  4. Approval of SAA Auditor 2018
  5. SAA President & Deputy President Election
  6. Others

Confirmation of attendance:

Yes, I will attend the meeting.

No, I cannot attend the meeting, will have proxy.

(Please fill in the attached proxy form and send it with copy of ID card or passport with signature to fax no. 02-611-6753 or scan and email to


After the end of SAA President & Deputy President nomination period, three alumni are nominated. Two of them have declined to be the candidates. Please find the Candidate to be the next SAA President & Deputy president as follows:


SAA President

Mr.Vichai Bencharongkul (EMBA 2012)

President, Benchachinda Holding Co., Ltd.

My 2nd Term at SAA?

In late 2015, Khun Atinuj and I unofficially jointed SAA to prepare ourselves to take up our new task as the SAA’s President and Deputy President which we were elected as SAA’s President and Deputy President in April 2016. We planned to implement a few new ideas as well as continuing many initiatives by SAA’s previous boards. I shared my Re 3 Platform (Re-engage / re-invigorate / and Re-organize) as my goals to achieve during my term as SAA President. However, not enough had been achieved, with any excuse, during our first two years. Our hardest challenge was to Re-engage with our alumni who I believe it’s the most important key factor of our service for the alumni. With various interests and needs of our Sasin alumni community I was not been able to meet all of the expectation to bring able the closer collaboration among Sasin community members and the institution.

As Khun Atinuj and I are committed to run for our second term in order to deliver what we promised to do two years ago. Sincerely, we will not be able to achieve what we set to do in the next 2 years without our alumni community support. I urge for all of Sasin alumni who wish to vote for us not just vote for us, but please help us in engaging yourself with our SAA and Sasin activities. Thank you.


SAA Deputy President

Ms.Atinuj Tantivit (EMBA 2012)

Managing Director, ATTA Gallery for Contemporary Art Jewelry

Founding Member, The Creative District Foundation

Under the leadership of Khun Vichai Bencharongkul, I have been serving as Deputy President and have been working with Sasin leadership, staff, faculty members, recent alumni and current students in an effort to make Sasin more appealing to prospective students, more competitive in the MBA market and more valuable to alumni.

During the past two years Sasin has gone through a few major changes. While, undeniably, Sasin is still undergoing some strategic revisions and there are still some uncertainties awaiting us, it is important to have the continuity in SAA leadership to keep the balance during this sensitive time. This is the time for SAA to work even more closely with Sasin in order to strengthen our network and our branding.

During the past two years, we have made the best out of the uncertain situation and managed to successfully put forth “new” events such as Dine with the Ambassador, Class Reps Dinners and Professional Knowledge talks. We have continued to promote Sasin Alumni Oath and hosted the 4th Oath Taking Ceremony for the class of 2015. We have also been preparing a preliminary study in order to secure/reclaim a facility for alumni at SASA House so that alumni will have a place to call “home” at Sasin once again. More networking events have been planned for the near future.

The continuation of the collaborations that we have had with other stakeholders would prove to be beneficial to both Sasin and SAA. We have lost some time in the past, we cannot effort to lose more time now.

On a personal note, unforeseen uncertainties mentioned above were hindrances to what I was hoping to achieve as the Deputy President of SAA during the first term. I have not been as successful in adding SENSE (Social Responsibility, Ethical Business Leadership, Networking, Sense of Ownership, Engagement) to SAA activities. I am certain that given the chance to continue to work closely with Sasin, its alumni and current students, SENSE will become ingrained in our future activities. It is my hope that with SENSE being implemented, it would make much more sense to you, personally and professionally, to participate in future SAA activities.

With that being said, I would like thank you for trusting me during the first term and to announce my candidacy for the Deputy President position. Your support and your vote during our next AGM meeting will allow me to continue to serve you for the second term.

Khun Vichai and myself have already planted seeds for the better SAA future, it is now time for us to continue to water and nurture the seeds and see our efforts come to fruition.

Documents for the meeting, click to download:



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