Sasin Alumni Association

New Structure to Support Networking Activities

SAA Structure

SAA Board

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Vichai Bencharongkul

  • EMBA 2012
  • President of SAA

Better Sasin Committee

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Nick Pisalyaput

  • MBA 2003
  • Vice President of SAA
  • Chairperson of Better Sasin Committee

Professional Knowledge Committee

John Dasilva

  • EMBA 2012
  • Vice President of SAA
  • Chairperson of Professional Knowledge Committee


Social Club Committee

saa (4)

Kongpan Pramoj Na Ayudhaya

  • MBA 2000
  • Vice President of SAA
  • Chairperson of Social Club Committee




Communication Task Force Committee

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Atinuj Tantivit

  • EMBA 2012
  • Deputy President of SAA
  • Task Force Committee Head


Taskforce’s Goals

  • Without better communication, we cannot effectively promote our upcoming new creative activities to our alumni members.
  • Better/clearer communication from SAA
  • Better/clearer communication among Sasin alumni
  • Better/clearer distribution of SAA news to the ‘world’
  • Timely information sharing

SAA Call for Support

  1. Communicating to your classmates and encouraging them to get involved
  2. Joining networking activities
  3. Joining Club activities
  4. Helping to identify quality speakers – tap your network
  5. Volunteering to work on events – provide logistical support
  6. Organize networking activities
  7. Serving as Committee and Club Chairs or a Board Member

SAA Support

  • Provide logistical support in organizing committee events (SAA staff)
  • Help select and secure an appropriate venue (SAA staff)
  • Secure a date that will not conflict with any other programs (SAA staff)
  • Set a price, which includes an administrative overhead margin (SAA Treasurer)
  • Assist in developing in effective communications (SAA Communications Taskforce)
  • Monitor event sign-ups and re-promote event (SAA staff)
  • Provide support to event speakers (SAA staff)
  • Provide reception on the day of event (SAA staff, Board member, committee member of alumni volunteer)
  • Help facilitate effective communication between chairs and other committee members (SAA Communications Taskforce)