Professional Knowledge Committee

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” ― Henry Ford

Committee Leadership

John Dasilva

  • EMBA 2012
  • Vice President, Sasin Alumni Association

Committee Members:

Bancha Dhammarungruang

  • EMBA 2012
  • SAA Board Member

Gregor Schmalz

  • EMBA 2012
  • SAA Board Member

Suparatana Bencharongkul

  • EMBA 2013
  • SAA Board Member


To enhance the value of the Sasin Alumni Association by providing opportunities for our membership to grow and develop professionally.


To organize events for our membership which are both interesting and topical, while focusing on meeting the businesses challenges of today and tomorrow.


  • To organize events focusing on different professional disciples, such as marketing, human resources and information technology, which build the knowledge of the SAA membership.
  • To organize events that take into account the differing needs of the alumni membership, such as promoting women’s leadership in business, addressing the specific challenges facing family owned businesses, and alumni operating in a global business environment, in order to promote best practices in business management.
  • To seek partnerships with other organizations that can help add value to the SAA membership through professional development activities.


  • Professional networking events, such as lunches, dinners and receptions.
  • Knowledge building events, such as workshops, panel discussions and case study presentations.