How you can help the school

Volunteer for our activities

You can help Sasin to shape the next generation of alumni to become who you are today

  • Executive Mentoring Program,  Sasin Alumni will be interacting with groups of MBA students to help students get the most out of their time at Sasin, and to think about the structure of their future careers. They will benefit from the real-life experiences of alumni to become effective managers and great leaders.  About 20 alumni are requested be the mentor for current students.
  • Guest Speakers  To share your experience and knowledge to our young alumni and students.
  • Alumni Site Visits  If you consider your business may be beneficial to our alumni and students , you would like to invite other Sasin community at your employment offices.


If you are interested in joining these activities, kindly give us your name and contact.  we will ask for your availability when the program will begin.