Information Technology

Sasin provides computing facilities and communications services for alumni as follow

  • Lifetime Email Address for Alumni    In order to maintain communication between Sasin and alumni and also to help you connect with fellow alumni, Sasin provides a lifetime email address to all alumni in the following format << >>.With this lifetime email address, you can forward mails to your current email address. For more information on how to setup email forwarding:  How to set email forwarding.pdf  Even if your internet service provider or company changes, you won’t lose contact with your Sasin friends if you take advantage of this lifetime Sasin email.
  • Sasin Wi-Fi    When you are at Sasin and you would like to have internet connection, you can ask to use Sasin Wi-Fi.   Kindly contact to get username and password


Sasin IT office is located at 3rd floor, Sasa Patasala Building.

Office Hours is

  • 8:00 – 17:00. Monday – Saturday
  • email:
  • Tel 02 218 3858 office-hour