Library Services

General Rules

  • Before entering the Library, please put all cases, bags and parcels on the shelf at the entrance.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking are not permitted in the Library; bringing food and drinks and/or using cellular phones in the Library is also not permitted.
  • Conversation, noise and other forms of disturbance should be kept to a minimum in all areas of the Library.
  • Library materials may not be removed from the Library until they have been processed and issued on loan by the Library staff.
  • The Library does not supply a telephone service for users and does not accept incoming calls on their behalf.
  • When leaving the Library, users are required to show all books taken with them for inspection at the Circulation Desk.

Loan Period and Overdue Fines Circulation Rules


Type of Materials Borrowers Number of Materials Length of Loans Overdue Fines (Baht per day per item)
General Books Sasin library members/alumni    3 books 14 days 3

Sasin Alumni Membership

To apply for membership, alumni must have:

  • two 1″ photographs,
  • payment of 300 baht for one year’s membership,
  • payment of 2,000 baht for library material deposit fee which is refundable when membership ceases and after all outstanding fines or other charges incurred by damage to or nonreturn of library materials have been deducted therefrom. This fee will be forfeited where membership has lapsed for six-month period.

Download Library Membership Application Form.